What Restaurants Accept EBT in Rhode Island: A Comprehensive Guide

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, provides assistance to millions of Americans, allowing them to purchase nutritious food. In Rhode Island, the program extends to allow EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cardholders to purchase meals from select restaurants under specific conditions. This initiative is part of the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP), designed to help those who may not have the means to prepare food at home. Here’s a detailed guide on which restaurants accept EBT in Rhode Island, including essential information on eligibility and the Rhode Island Department of Human Services Program.

Eligibility for EBT Users

Not all SNAP beneficiaries are eligible to use their EBT cards at restaurants. The Restaurant Meals Program is specifically for those who:

  • Are elderly (age 60 or over)
  • Are disabled
  • Are experiencing homelessness
  • Have a spouse who is eligible

RHODE ISLAND Department of Human Services Program

The Rhode Island Department of Human Services oversees the state’s SNAP program, including the Restaurant Meals Program. They ensure that the program runs smoothly and that eligible individuals have access to participating restaurants. To find out more about your eligibility or any updates to the program, you can visit the Rhode Island Department of Human Services’ official website or contact their customer service.

List of Restaurants Accepting EBT in Rhode Island

The list of restaurants below has been sourced from the official website and is presented here in a summarized and formatted manner for your convenience. This makes it easier to understand which establishments accept EBT, ensuring you have access to a variety of dining options.

Please note that while we have listed the restaurant chains that accept EBT, for exact locations that participate in the program, you will need to contact the restaurant directly or refer to the list provided by the government here.


  • Subway


  • Subway
  • Federal Hill Pizza


  • Subway


  • Subway

Central Falls

  • Subway


  • Subway (inside Walmart)

The list of restaurants participating with RI SNAP is accurate as of the beginning of 2024. Please be aware that restaurant participation may change over time, and our list does not update these changes in real-time.

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