Does Target Accept EBT Online? What You Need To Know

Target accepts Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards for purchasing eligible food items both online and in-store. If you have an EBT card from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you can use it at Target’s website or in their physical stores. To shop online using your EBT card, you’ll need to create a free Target account and add your EBT card as a payment method. Keep in mind, you’ll also need another form of payment for items that aren’t covered by EBT, such as non-food items, taxes, or fees.

How to Use EBT Online

Using an EBT card to shop online at Target requires setting up payment methods, understanding eligible items, and following the checkout process specific to SNAP transactions.

Eligible Items for EBT Purchases

Only items that fall under the USDA’s SNAP program can be purchased with an EBT card. Target’s website identifies these items during the shopping process. The USDA provides a comprehensive list of eligible food items, which predominantly includes groceries and essentials for home preparation and consumption.

Setting Up an Online Account

To use an EBT card on Target’s online platform, the customer first needs to sign into their account or create one. Once logged in, they should navigate to the payments section and add an EBT card by selecting Payment cards and choosing EBT card as the payment type. They can then enter their card number and, if desired, set the EBT card as a default payment option.

Checkout Process with EBT

During checkout, customers must select EBT as the payment method for SNAP-eligible items in their cart. They will then be prompted to enter their EBT PIN to confirm and finalize the order. Pickup and delivery options are available and can be selected as part of the order process, offering the customer convenience and flexibility.

Restrictions and Limitations

Using SNAP EBT for online purchases at Target comes with specific restrictions and limitations that shoppers need to be aware of before proceeding to checkout.

Non-Eligible Items

  • Only SNAP-eligible items: Shoppers can purchase a defined list of USDA SNAP-eligible food items with their EBT card online at Target.
  • Exclusions: Items that are not eligible include but are not limited to alcohol, tobacco, household supplies, and prepared foods meant for immediate consumption.

EBT Payment Restrictions Online

  • Secondary payment method: Shoppers must enter a secondary form of payment for any items in their cart that are not SNAP-eligible, as well as for any applicable taxes, and fees.
  • Ineligible offers: Certain deals, such as Target Plus™ Partner items, do not accept SNAP EBT as a form of payment.


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