Mississippi EBT Discounts: Explore Savings and Benefits

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards in Mississippi offer a lifeline to individuals and families facing food insecurity. Through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), these EBT cards are issued monthly with funds to purchase groceries. Mississippi residents with EBT cards are entitled to more than just food assistance; they are also eligible for various discounts and benefits that extend the value of their assistance dollars, providing greater access to cultural, educational, and lifestyle services.

Several establishments across Mississippi recognize the importance of EBT by offering reduced admission fees to museums, zoos, and educational centers, allowing low-income families to enjoy cultural experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible. Additionally, certain internet and mobile phone providers offer plans at discounted rates for those with an EBT card, ensuring that essential communication services remain affordable for families in need. These additional benefits reinforce the state’s commitment to supporting its vulnerable citizens and promoting equal opportunities for everyone.

Museum Discounts

Many museums in Mississippi offer discounted or free admission to EBT cardholders. For example, the Mississippi Museum of Art offers a reduced entrance fee of $1 per person for up to four people in a family. Another location, the Mississippi Children’s Museum, provides a similar discount, ensuring educational experiences are more accessible to low-income families.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

246 Dolan Avenue 

Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

Farmers’ Market Incentives

At participating farmers’ markets, EBT cardholders may take advantage of the Double Dollars program. This initiative generally offers a dollar-for-dollar match on purchases made with EBT. For example:

  • Purchase: $10 of produce with EBT
  • Receive: An additional $10 in Double Dollars for more produce

This incentive encourages healthy eating by making fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables more affordable.

Public Transport Reduced Fares

EBT cardholders may also be eligible for reduced fares on public transportation systems across Mississippi. Reduced fares make commuting more affordable for work, school, or errands. For instance, the Coast Transit Authority offers a 50% discount to EBT cardholders on all fixed-route buses.

Amazon Prime Discount for EBT Cardholders

Mississippi EBT cardholders have a unique opportunity to subscribe to Amazon Prime at a significantly reduced cost. Regularly priced at $14.99 per month, eligible EBT cardholders can access Prime for just $6.99 monthly—a savings of over 50%.

Why Amazon Prime?

As part of the USDA pilot program, Amazon is authorized to accept EBT for online grocery deliveries, making it a convenient option for many. Here’s what you gain with a discounted Amazon Prime membership:

Prime Delivery Benefits

  • Free Fast Delivery: Enjoy complimentary shipping on over 50 million eligible items.
  • Same-Day and 2-Hour Delivery: Available in select metro areas, get essential items and groceries delivered the same day or within two hours.

Entertainment and More

  • Streaming: Unlimited instant streaming of movies and TV shows on devices like Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, and more.
  • Music and Playlists: Access to over two million songs and numerous playlists without ads.
  • Reading Material: Unlimited reading across any device, including books and magazines.
  • Audible Original Series: Unlimited listening to original audio series from Audible.
  • Twitch Prime: Enjoy free monthly game content and exclusive discounts.
  • Photo Storage: Unlimited storage for your photos.

Grocery Shopping with EBT

  • Amazon Pantry: Order your groceries online using your EBT card and have them delivered directly to your door in eligible states.

Discounted Cell Phone Services

The following table lists the cell phone providers that are part of the Lifeline program in Mississippi, along with their contact numbers.

Company NamePhone Number
Assurance Wireless888-898-4888
AT&T Mobility800-377-9450
C Spire Wireless855-277-4735
Life Wireless888-543-3620
FeelSafe Wireless by Air Voice877-247-7799
Safelink Wireless800-723-3546
Access Wireless866-594-3644
enTouch Wireless866-488-8719

Discounted Home Phone Services

Here is a table listing the home phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in Mississippi, complete with their contact information.

Company NamePhone Number
Fulton Telephone Company662-862-5000
TEC – Bay Springs Division601-764-2121
DixieNet Communications800-918-9023
Georgetown Telephone Company662-862-5000
TDS Telecom/Southeast Mississippi Telephone Company888-225-5837
Smithville Telephone Company662-651-4131
TDS Telecom/Myrtle Telephone Company888-225-5837
Frontier Communications800-921-8101
Noxapater Telephone Company662-724-2192
TDS Telecom/Calhoun City Telephone Company888-225-5837
Bruce Telephone Company662-983-4343
Franklin Telephone Company877-422-1212
Telepak Networks877-835-3725
Global Connection of America877-511-3009
Mound Bayou Telephone and Communications662-741-2559
Sledge Telephone Company662-569-3311
Windstream Communications800-347-1991

Affordable Connectivity Program for EBT Cardholders

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offers significant savings on internet services for EBT cardholders. Below are the benefits and options available through this program:

Monthly Internet Discount

  • $30 Monthly Discount: EBT cardholders are eligible for a $30 reduction on their monthly internet bill.

One-Time Device Discount

  • $100 Device Discount: There is also a one-time opportunity to save $100 on the purchase of an eligible laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Additional Savings

  • Combined Savings with Lifeline: You can increase your savings by combining the $30 ACP internet credit with your Lifeline phone service, reducing your overall expenses on both phone and internet services each month.

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