Kentucky EBT Discounts: Unlock Savings and Perks for Cardholders

Electronic Benefit Transfer, commonly known as EBT, is a system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card, similar to a debit card. In Kentucky, these EBT cards empower those receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and other forms of public assistance to access their funds with ease. However, beyond providing essential groceries and food items, the Kentucky EBT card offers numerous discounts and perks to its holders, which may not be widely known.

These discounts include reduced admission to museums, zoos, and cultural centers for educational and recreational purposes. They also consist of savings on phone and internet services to help connect families and individuals with essential communication tools. Additionally, the EBT cardholder may be eligible for discounts on fresh produce through programs such as Double Dollars, which enhances the purchasing power of SNAP benefits. It’s these extras that considerably stretch the benefits for Kentuckians, providing not just basic needs but also supporting overall well-being and access to community resources.

Museum and Cultural Discounts

Kentucky offers discounted admissions to museums and cultural institutions for EBT cardholders. The Louisville Science Center provides reduced entrance fees, making science exploration more accessible. Additionally, at The Kentucky Museum, patrons can enjoy historical exhibits at lowered costs.

Kentucky Science Center

  • Address: 727 W Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202
  • Phone Number: (502) 561-6100

The Filson Historical Society

  • Address: 1310 S. 3rd St., Louisville, Kentucky 40208
  • Phone Number: (502) 635-5083

Speed Art Museum

  • Address: 2035 South Third Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40208
  • Phone Number: 502-634-2700

KMAC Museum

  • Address: 715 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202
  • Phone Number: (502) 589-0102

Behringer-Crawford Museum

  • Address: 1600 Montague Road Devou Park, Covington, Kentucky 41011
  • Phone Number: (859) 491-4003

Mary Todd Lincoln House

  • Address: 578 West Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40507
  • Phone Number: (859) 233-9999

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

  • Address: 4029 Airport Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40510
  • Phone Number: (859) 231-1219

Public Transportation Fares

Public transit agencies across Kentucky often provide reduced fares for EBT cardholders. For example, in Lexington, Lextran offers discounted bus passes, while in Louisville, TARC allows for more affordable travel for those with a valid EBT card.

Educational Resources

EBT cardholders have the benefit of accessing various educational resources at discounted rates. This includes programs like After-school tutoring services and purchasing educational materials at a reduced price from partner organizations.

Amazon Prime EBT Discount Program

Residents of Kentucky who possess an EBT card are eligible to participate in the Amazon Prime EBT Discount program. This initiative offers Amazon Prime membership at a significantly reduced cost compared to the usual rate of $14.99 per month. EBT cardholders can enjoy the myriad benefits of Prime membership for just $6.99 monthly, providing over 50% savings.

Shopping with EBT Online

Amazon is a participating retailer in the USDA’s pilot program that allows online purchasing of groceries using food stamps for delivery in designated areas. This feature enables EBT cardholders to conveniently shop for groceries through Amazon Pantry.

Prime Membership Benefits

  • Fast and Free Delivery Options:
    • Unlimited Free Shipping: Access to free, expedited shipping on over 50 million eligible items.
    • Same-Day and Two-Hour Delivery: Available in certain urban areas, members can receive same-day delivery on more than a million products and two-hour delivery on daily necessities through Prime Now.
  • Entertainment and Streaming:
    • TV Shows and Movies: Instantly stream a vast selection of television shows and movies at no extra cost.
    • Device Compatibility: Stream content on various devices including Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, as well as iOS and Android devices.
  • Additional Perks:
    • Online Grocery Shopping: Use your EBT card to order groceries through Amazon Pantry in eligible states.
    • Music Streaming: Enjoy over two million songs and thousands of playlists and stations without ads.
    • Reading Material: Unlimited access to books and magazines on any device.
    • Audible Original Series: Unlimited listening to original audio series from Audible.
    • Twitch Prime: Access to free monthly game content, exclusive discounts, and more.
    • Photo Storage: Free unlimited storage for all your photos.

Kentucky Lifeline Cell Phone Service Providers

Below is a table listing the cell phone providers participating in the Lifeline program in Kentucky, detailing their contact numbers and the type of services they offer.

Phone Service ProviderPhone NumberType of Service
Air Voice Wireless*877-247-7799Cell Phone Service
Amerimex Communications*888-224-3213Cell Phone Service
American Assistance*866-966-2628Cell Phone Service
Appalachian Wireless*800-438-2355Cell Phone Service
Assurance Wireless*888-898-4888Cell Phone Service
AT&T Mobility*800-377-9450Cell Phone Service
Blue Jay Wireless855-425-8529Cell Phone Service
Bluegrass Cellular800-928-2355Cell Phone Service
Boomerang Wireless*866-488-8719Cell Phone Service
Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.*270-343-3131Cell Phone Service
Easy Wireless*888-792-0076Cell Phone Service
Life Wireless*888-543-3620Cell Phone Service
Mobile Nation877-732-2147Cell Phone Service
Q Link Wireless*855-754-6543Cell Phone Service
Safelink Wireless*800-723-3546Cell Phone Service
StandUP Wireless*800-544-4441Cell Phone Service
T-Mobile800-937-8997Cell Phone Service
Tag Mobile*866-959-4918Cell Phone Service
Tempo Telecom*877-822-8501Cell Phone Service
TruConnect*800-430-0443Cell Phone Service
Access Wireless*866-594-3644Cell Phone Service
Note: Providers marked with an asterisk () are participating in the Lifeline program.

Kentucky Lifeline Home Phone Service Providers

Below is a table presenting the home phone service providers participating in the Lifeline program in Kentucky, along with their contact details and service types.

Phone Service ProviderPhone NumberType of Service
AT&T*855-301-0355Home Phone Service
Ballard Rural Telephone Coop*270-665-5186Home Phone Service
Brandenburg Telephone Company*270-422-2121Home Phone Service
Cincinnati Bell*888-246-2355Home Phone Service
Coalfields Telephone*606-478-9401Home Phone Service
Dialog Telecommunications888-439-6100Home Phone Service
Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.*270-343-3131Home Phone Service
e-Tel270-753-5312Home Phone Service
Foothills Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp, Inc.*888-262-3782Home Phone Service
Gibson Connect*731-562-6000Home Phone Service
Global Connection of America*877-511-3009Home Phone Service
Logan Telephone Cooperative*270-542-4121Home Phone Service
Mountain Rural Telephone*606-743-3121Home Phone Service
Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative*606-287-7101Home Phone Service
South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative*270-678-2111Home Phone Service
South Central Telecom270-678-2111Home Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Leslie County Telephone Company888-225-5837Home Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Lewisport Telephone Company888-225-5837Home Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Salem Telephone Company888-225-5837Home Phone Service
Thacker-Grigsby Telephone Company*606-785-9500Home Phone Service
WK&T Telecommunications*877-954-8748Home Phone Service
Windstream Communications*800-347-1991Home Phone Service

Kentucky Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Internet Providers

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) in Kentucky provides EBT cardholders with a monthly discount of $30 on internet services. Additionally, a one-time discount of $100 is available for the purchase of eligible laptops, desktops, or tablets. These benefits can also be combined with Lifeline phone services for further savings. Below is a comprehensive table of the internet providers in Kentucky offering these discounted services under the ACP.

Internet Provider NamePhone NumberType of ServiceFree with ACPDiscounted Device
AT&T*866-986-0963Home/Mobile InternetYes
Access Wireless*866-594-3644Mobile InternetYes
American Assistance and Your Call Wireless*877-266-7212Mobile InternetYesYes
Assurance Wireless*888-321-5880Mobile InternetYes
AT&T Mobility LLC*866-986-0963Mobile InternetYes
Airtalk Wireless*855-924-7825Mobile InternetYes
Armstrong Telecommunications, Inc.800-734-1146Home Internet
Ballard Rural Telephone Coop*270-665-5186Home InternetYes
Boomerang Wireless, LLC*866-488-8719Mobile InternetYesYes
Brandenburg Telephone Company*270-422-2121Home InternetYes
Boftech248-905-1907Mobile InternetYesYes
Boost Mobile866-402-7366Mobile InternetYes
Cathect Communications, Inc866-961-9941Home InternetYesYes
Cincinnati Bell*888-246-2355Home InternetYes
City of Barbourville606-546-3187Home InternetYesYes
Clear Wireless, LLC888-341-3471Home/Mobile InternetYesYes
Comlink Total Solutions Corp833-526-0200Mobile Internet
Cricket Wireless844-246-8364Mobile InternetYes
Culture Wireless404-254-6236Home/Mobile InternetYesYes
Dialog Telecommunications888-439-6100Home Internet
Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.*270-343-3131Home InternetYes
Easy Wireless*877-476-3451Mobile InternetYesYes
e-Tel270-753-5312Home Internet
Excess Telecom, Inc.800-615-0898Mobile InternetYesYes
Foothills Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp, Inc.*888-262-3782Home InternetYes
Gen Mobile, Inc833-528-1380Mobile InternetYesYes
Global Connection Inc. of America*800-544-4441Mobile InternetYesYes
Global Connection of America*877-511-3009Home InternetYes
Hello Mobile Telecom LLC888-854-3556Mobile InternetYes
Highland Communications, LLC423-346-4050Home Internet
Hoop Wireless, LLC833-367-4667Mobile InternetYesYes
Hopkinsville Electric System270-887-0763Home Internet
Hughes Network Systems, LLC844-737-2700Home Internet
IJ Wireless833-652-7527Mobile InternetYesYes
IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc.800-689-0617Mobile InternetYes
IgLou Internet Services502-966-3848Home Internet
Infinity Mobile214-323-8000Mobile InternetYesYes
Integrated Path Communications, LLC888-224-6958Home InternetYes
InterConnection206-633-1517Mobile InternetYes
JB-Nets Broadband Services740-446-2975Home Internet
K20 Wireless717-400-5573Mobile InternetYesYes
Lingo866-405-4646Home Internet
Liberty Mobile Wireless855-566-1776Mobile InternetYes
Life Wireless*888-543-3620Mobile InternetYes
Logan Telephone Cooperative*270-542-4121Home InternetYes
LTE Wireless877-388-2232Mobile InternetYes
Maxsip Telecom Corporation866-629-7471Home Internet
Mediacom LLC855-330-6918Home InternetYes
Metro Communications LLC800-229-6004Home Internet
MetroNet877-407-3224Home Internet
Mountain Rural Telephone*606-743-3121Home InternetYes
NewPhone Wireless, LLC855-204-3667Mobile InternetYesYes
North American Local, LLC888-247-3903Mobile InternetYesYes
PCs for People651-354-2552Mobile InternetYesYes
Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative*606-287-7101Home InternetYes
Q Link Wireless LLC*855-754-6543Mobile InternetYesYes
Red Pocket, Inc888-993-3888Mobile Internet
Rural4G870-451-0373Mobile InternetYesYes
Sage Telecom Communications, LLC*800-430-0443Mobile InternetYesYes
SafetyNet Wireless*888-224-3213Mobile InternetYesYes
Selectel Wireless877-218-5744Mobile InternetYesYes
Spectrum (Charter Communications Operating, LLC)866-980-3107Home InternetYes
SprintFone786-259-0002Mobile InternetYes
Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, TracFone, Net10, Page Plus & Go Smart*833-333-9227Mobile InternetYes
SWA CONNECT877-732-7987Mobile InternetYes
TAG Mobile, LLC*866-959-4918Mobile InternetYes Internet Service419-292-2200Home Internet
Tempo Telecom, Inc.*833-998-3676Mobile InternetYesYes
Thrive Mobile888-384-7483Mobile InternetYes
T-Mobile USA, Inc.888-863-8768Mobile Internet
Torch Wireless877-998-6674Mobile InternetYes
Tone Communication Services LLC800-515-8182Mobile Internet
U2 CONNECT NOW844-679-0909Home Internet
UVNV, Inc.888-777-0446Mobile Internet
Unity Wireless Inc.800-701-3231Mobile InternetYesYes
Upward Mobile LLC404-487-0931Mobile InternetYes
Via Wireless, LLC877-346-1501Mobile InternetYes
Verizon Wireless800-922-0204Home/Mobile InternetYes
Viasat855-463-9333Home Internet
W.A.T.C.H. TV Company800-589-3837Home InternetYesYes
WK&T Telecommunications*877-954-8748Home InternetYes
Whoop Connect Inc.888-200-1076Mobile InternetYes
Windstream Communications, LLC*866-445-8084Home Internet
Wrazzle, Inc.800-380-0547Mobile InternetYes
Z1 Wireless561-434-4509Mobile Internet
Zito West Holding, LLC800-365-6988Home Internet
Ztar Mobile, Inc800-416-3003Mobile InternetYes
human-I-T888-268-3921Mobile InternetYes

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